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CGCOOKIE.com is a professional online community for computer graphic artists. The sites main focus is on 3D and Design techniques. This site will contain high quality tutorials from industry professionals, pro member only forum, job resource posting board, award gallery judged by the pro members, and a public flickr community.

There  is a current market for CG News sites, forums etc, and it should be noted that CGCOOKIE is not striving to compete with these well established sites. CGCOOKIE is striving to develop a qualified community that is welcome to new comers seeking a rooted community or professionals in search of new techniques.

By offering paid memberships this will qualify the member joining and add value to the content being provided. In turn this helps keep the site alive, and the flow of quality knowledge fluid.

CGCOOKIE.com will take revenue in from paid memberships and relative advertisement on the website. Revenue will be used for hosting costs, capital to pay tutorial writers, and continue the development of the CGCOOKIE.com website and its sister websites. CGMANUAL.COM, SWFCOOKIE.COM, AND MOTIONCOOKIE.COM.

Wes Burke - For President!

Home Page Design

This was the first home page design of the site. I ended up finding the presentation of the actual articles was too small.

Wes Burke - For President!

Example Article page

I was anxious to establish a article template.

Wes Burke - For President!

The cookies!

These are a few of the cookie characters I created to have dispersed throughout the site.