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Project Chicago Skyline

This is a colaboration project I am working on with some of my peers. I have been charged with blocking in a rough of the Chicago city skyline, and providing renderings, and camera flythroughs of the environment. The first passes have been complete and as I find time I am going in and uprezing buildings as we go.


Free the city

Modeling, animation, and rendering of objects. UI was done by Ernesto Perez

Wes Burke

2016 Bid for work

I was responsible for camera animations, modeling and lighting. UI was done by Ernesto Perez

Wes Burke - For President!

First Frame of the Anim

I was working to fill in most "empty holes" currently with stock buildings I have created.

Wes Burke - For President!

Cultural Center

I have begun working on creating a high resolution model of the Chicago Cultural Center.

Wes Burke - For President!

Detail of Cultural Center

I close up of some of the detail I am working into the model.

Wes Burke - For President!


I will admit to adding a bit too much detail, the columns you are able to get within 6ft viewing.

Wes Burke - For President!

Solar Panels

I created the Solar Texture, and model from refrence.

Wes Burke - For President!

Cultural Center with Solar

Meant to mimic a "Green Building" of Chicago.

Wes Burke - For President!

Solar Panel Farm

A visual renering of a Solar Panel Farm on Northernly Island.

Wes Burke - For President!

Wind Turbines

We were interested in providing a view from Lake Michigan to the city of Chicago containing wind turbines.

Wes Burke - For President!

Chicago Skyline

A look at the skyline with low poly items and the water shader.

Wes Burke - For President!

Soldier Field

A southern render view of Soldier Field and the Museums.