Wes Burke | CG Portfolio

Gathering of model spins and rough animations

Below is a collection of 360 spins and some animation I have done in the past. Please let me know if you have any questions.


LOTR Online

I was the 3D Modeler and animator for this short intro for the DVD menu system that was included when the PC game was purchased. AE done by Colin Post, Conception by Bruno Werneck

Wes Burke

2016 Bid for work

I was responsible for camera animations, modeling and lighting. UI was done by Ernesto Perez

Wes Burke

Tire Spin

360 spin of my my tire model

Free the city

Modeling, animation, and rendering of objects. UI was done by Ernesto Perez

Wes Burke

Sunset Animation

Ocean, Modeling, Rendering and Animation

Wes Burke

Snow Ball Material Test

Procedural snow shader made in 3d studio max

Wes Burke

Apple Keyboard

Personal project to model a apple keyboard.