CG Cookie - Blender Tutorials

May 11th 2020

CG Cookie launched September 2008 as idea to create a digital artists place to go for news, tutorials and fellowship. After gaining experiences from previous sunset projects: x4artists and CG Underground, CG Cookie was the project that happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right people. 🍪

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(Jonathan Williamson, Wes Burke - Standing outside of studio before we went 100% remote)

It's also where I met my co-founder, and now good friend Jonathan Williamson. Since then CG Cookie, Jonathan and I have spawned of several other projects as we both share the insatiable urge to create and solve problems.

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Originally built as a Wordpress blog site, it's since seen more than six different massive iterations. Growing to a team of 14+ across three countries, 11 states and six timezones. (100% Remote) The latest iterations of CG Cookie said farewell to Wordpress with the help of Nick Haskins, CG Cookie employee, Mavenseed partner and good friend.

CG Cookie today, is a fully custo Ruby app. With a flourishing Bender community behind it. A crew of amazing people creating content and helping out members each and every day.

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(2016 CGC Crew - Matthew Muldoon, Jonathan Lampel, Nick Haskins, Tim Von Ruden, Lisa Schindler, Wes Burke, Jonathan Gonzalez, Jonathan Williamson, Kent Trammell)

I'm responsible is for the overall direction of the company, with my head up scanning the road. Keeping the spokes oiled and growing the business. While also making a few Aliens references along the way.