Heyo, 👋 My name is Wes.

Originally from Kankakee, IL - I've served in the US Coast Guard, grabbed a BFA, spent about a decade in the game industry, and founded a small project called CG Cookie on my 2hr commute into Chicago. Yes... I'm still figuring this out as I go. 😅

Along the way the cookie adventure over the past 12 years spawned new projects, challenges and lasting friendships.

I'm a husband, father to four kiddos, and love ❤️ to ride motorcycles.

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Projects I'm working on

A few of the things I'm involved in, working with awesome humans to make them a reality.

CG Cookie - Blender Tutorials
Join CG Cookie to learn Blender alongside a global digital artist community.
Blender Market
Shop and sell Blender plugins and 3D models at the first-ever Blender marketplace! #b3d #blender3d
Turn your idea into real income with no code, on a content management system for independent creators.

The value of a hobby

Hobbies help bring calm to our minds by diversifying thought.

Exploring the motorcycle

From attempting to drag my knee on the race track, to a back-pack adventure through the country I've found riding motorcycles to be good therapy for me.

A childhood dream come true. Each time I get one one I feel like a kid about to go play with his buddies.

While riding there isn't much head space available for the stresses of life. You must concentrate and live in the moment.

I mostly share my motorcycle experiences through Instagram.

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