Sad Cow Coffee

May 11th 2020

I owe a huge debt to digital: computers, internet, typing and hours of staring at these blasted screens. I've been fortunate to have some luck on a few projects, met & worked with inspiring individuals while being able to provide for my family.

At the same time, I also enjoy being away from digital: being off-grid; doing tangible things, creating tangible products for people to enjoy.

Sad Cow Coffee, a Decaf coffee roasting business. 😅

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A crazy idea that originated from scratching an itch. My wife, Nicole has become very sensitive to caffeine and could no longer enjoy a tasty cup of coffee. I set out to learn all I could about coffee beans, decaffeination process and dreamed on how it could work.

It's become a fun side-project to my digital focuses. I've partnered with Eric Anderson from Fresh Ground Roasting to bring the expert roasting experience to create memorable delicious decaf coffee. A cup can be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon or the just before bed ritual. It's actually pretty healthy for you!

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No aspirations to take over the world on this one, just have some fun, sell some coffee, meet more people to hear their story.

My role is largely overall management and direction, along with support, marketing and design. Eric Anderson is the roasting ninja and helps with shipping.